Our Service department’s focus is to manage our clients HVAC assets so that they can concentrate on their respective roles without the added worry of managing the comfort conditions and energy requirements of modern commercial buildings and industrial sites.

Noppen Air Pty Ltd provides the traditional services expected from an Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services provider including:



Noppen Group has an established Chiller Service Division headed up by Mr Michael Longton. Michael has worked for some of the largest HVAC companies and brings 35 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Chiller repairs, diagnosis, and commissioning.

We are also proud to have been awarded the Australian technical support, commissioning and service agents for Aermec Chillers and equipment.




Noppen Group provides an in house Pump and Mechanical Repairs service. Mr Roger Fry heads up the Pump and Mechanical section and brings 40 years of experience as a Motor Mechanic and Fitter Machinist to Noppen Group. Noppen Group offer overnight pump repairs, onsite pump rebuilds, and mechanical services, from bearing changes to full mechanical rebuilds.

Pump and Mechanical Service and Repair



Our pump and mechanical tradesmen utilize our AliSENSOR laser aligner to perform all alignment tasks from motors to pumps to compressors and shafts etc.

The ALiSENSOR ® SHAFTLASER ™ is a completely revolutionary new system for shaft alignment that combines all of the best aspects of Apple’s iOS devices and integrates it with the most streamlined and easy-to-use shaft alignment interface ever developed.

Lase AligningLase Aligning 2



At Noppen Group we operate our own commissioning division from water balancing to air balancing to full building validation. We utilize the latest NATA certified electronic testing equipment for water balancing, air balancing, controls tune ups and general commissioning of all HVAC plants to maximize their efficiency.




Noppen Group carry out annual building certification, testing of fire dampers, smoke exhaust, stairwell pressurisation and all mechanical services within our clients buildings including full function matrix fire tests.

We have redesigned the essential services for numerous projects ranging from multi story buildings to shopping centers. Noppen Group can work with your consultants to gain a true picture of a building’s assets and their actual performance. From there we manage the whole process through to certification.

Essential Services Certification



Noppen Group provides a central plant service and repair division for our clients and other A/C companies to take advantage of so that they do not have to worry about the heavy machinery items and can concentrate on the routine maintenance and service of the building assets.

Central Plant Services



Noppen Group carry out the majority of heaving lifting jobs from pumps and motors to chillers etc. These works are carried out in house with an array of lifting devices such as Escalera stair climbers, steel rigging gantries and slide frames, chain blocks, slings, chains etc. All the equipment is owned by Noppen Group.

Rigging and Heavy Lifting



Noppen Group are currently authorised service and warranty agents for Aermec Chillers, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu and Actron Air. Our service manager and technicians are in continual contact with the manufacturers to keep up with the latest technology and product updates.

Accredited Service Agents



In this day and age Variable Refrigerant Volume systems have become increasingly more popular. Noppen Group are warranty and service agents for Mitsubishi City Multi VRV product. We offer installation, commissioning, maintenance service and repairs.




Thermal imaging is now one of the leading non-intrusive, non-destructive and non-invasive tool used in an ever widening range of areas from predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, problem diagnostics and research and development.

Noppen Group provide our clients with our in house Thermo Camera Services for the preventative maintenance of electrical and mechanical services.

Thermo Camera ServiceThermo Camera Service 2



Noppen Group’s trained technicians utilize our Adash A4900 Vibrio III instrument to perform vibration diagnostic measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults.

Many measurement techniques are processed automatically. The A4900 – Vibrio III has a unique expert system developed by Adash that automatically detects machinery faults.

Vibration Analysis



FRIOIL LogoNoppen Air Pty Ltd operates the Fri3oil system for AC&R system clean up. The Fri3Oil system was originally developed for the cleaning of oils, acids, moisture and other residues in any AC&R system containing halocarbon refrigerants – CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s. It will also recover, clean and recycle ALL halocarbon refrigerants.






At Noppen Group we offer a range of reports so that the Facilities Managers and owners can track and control their mechanical assets. All reports are in electronic format unless requested otherwise and include

Noppen Group will design and generate any report that our clients require to fit in with their specific needs. We are also in close liaison with IMS who will work with us to design a range of nonstandard reports that can be implemented into their system for our use.



In 2009 Noppen Group recognised the need for an electronic paperless office and chose IMS (Integrated Management Systems). The IMS system enables us to track all procedures from the initial service call through to the invoicing. All of our Technicians are equipped with touch pads which enable them to connect to the internet, our server in at Noppen Group and the IMS server from anywhere.

Once connected our technicians and personnel can perform the following:




Our Project department’s focus is to provide our clients with a Turnkey solution for all their HVAC and mechanical requirements. Noppen Group provides the following services;




Our Design and Installation Departments mission is to provide our clients with a personal service that is second to none. We pride ourselves on continually saving our client’s money and time through clever design, new technology and professional installations, in turn creating solutions from concept to completion.

Mr Mark Davis heads the Projects Department and is a Director at Noppen Group. Mark is a Design Engineer who brings 30 years of HVAC experience with him. One edge that Mark brings to Noppen Group is that he is also a fully qualified HVAC technician who worked on all types of HVAC equipment in the service side of the industry before switching to Engineering and Design.


Our design team have designed hundreds projects, a variety below

Campbell’s Cash and Carry – Eagle Farm QLD

Our team designed a system utilizing the largest air-cooled reverse cycle rooftop package units in Australia. The design also involved all roof mounting platforms and walkways as well as a BMS system and economy cycle.

SAE Sound / music recording studio – York Street Sydney

Design constraints were fine with only 15 dba allowed in the recording studios. The design team came up with individual sound attenuated ducted systems utilizing water cooled VRF technology, CO2 monitoring and a BMS system

Bankstown Nursing home

Originally design by a consultant for a chilled water system at over $1M. Our team redesigned a system utilizing a more efficient VRF system with a new BMS for 570K installed and commissioned

Navitas 11 floor building educational – Sydney

Our team designed a solution of ductwork, package units, cooling towers, CO2 monitoring and an energy management system. A fire engineered solution was also incorporated in the design.

Coke Cola – Northmead

The original equipment consisted of two DX R22 plant rooms. We designed a solution utilizing two air-cooled heat reclaim chillers to operate heating and cooling coils in the original air handlers with a new BMS system. The solution involved all engineering for roof removal, structural supports and platforms.



Our installation department handles all types of air conditioning and mechanical contracts from small tenancy fit outs for strata managers through to full multi story mechanical works for building owners and corporate entities. Noppen Group offers a variety of air conditioning manufacturers and a range of equipment to suit your requirements.

Design and Installation Services


Campbell’s Cash and Carry – Eagle Farm. HVAC Turn Key project including all roof platforms and walk ways as well as electrical and BMS.



Our design engineering department consists of experienced engineers who liaise effectively with clients to provide fully designed systems and AutoCAD drawings. These drawings can be provided for projects on a design and construct basis for multi-story building mechanical design down to tenancy alterations and shop fit outs.



Project Management

Noppen Group offers a complete turnkey solution to all projects by providing additional services such as.

Design and Installation Services

In offering additional services we can provide a full project managed solution that fits your needs within one package. We have completed numerous turnkey projects saving our clients time & money in having Noppen Group compete their projects from start to finish under the one contract.



At Noppen Group we operate our own commissioning division from water balancing to air balancing to full building validation. We utilize the latest NATA certified electronic testing equipment for water balancing, air balancing, controls tune ups and general commissioning of all HVAC plants to maximize their efficiency.